The Coord Mattress Company

Coord Mattress Team

Our mission at Coord Mattress is to help you get the best sleep possible. The days of bragging about how little sleep you get are over. It is more than just a popular buzzword, and rest has a critical role to play. Getting a good night’s sleep is both important for your mental and physical health, and we are passionate about helping you dream with ease.

The way we operate is progressive, and the hierarchy does not exist. Since everyone’s voice is equally valued, improvements flow up as much as they run down.

It is difficult to challenge the way things are done or point out a mistake, but it is essential to speak up, otherwise we end up resting on our laurels. Being brutally honest can be difficult, but pushing through is where growth happens.

Changing trends are constant in the sleep industry. Data can quickly become outdated if we do not continuously gather new information or challenge our sources. We also value education, so whether we attend a sleep course or join our team book club, we want to keep learning.

It is impossible to satisfy curiosity without a question, there are no silly questions. 

Don’t hesitate to ask, we’re all ears.