Best Mattress For Lightweight Person (Buying Guide 2022)

Lightweight (Skinny) sleepers have the same requirements as any other sleeper – a comfortable as well as supportive bed. For sleepers in this weight category, a model offering such an equilibrium looks different. The wrong mattress can cause stress factors or contouring of the back, which can result in pains and discomforts.

Our evaluation will cover mattress construction, efficiency, which models fit different sleep settings, and also what to consider when picking a mattress. We constantly evaluate and update our leading picks so they reflect the best lightweight sleepers on the market.

6 Best Mattress for Lightweight Person

  1. GhostBed Luxe – Best Overall Mattress for Lightweight Person
  2. AS3 by Amerisleep – Best Memory Foam Mattress
  3. Saatva – Best Luxury Mattress
  4. Puffy – Most Comfortable Mattress
  5. Nectar – Best Value
  6. Vaya Mattress – Best Budget Mattress

In This Mattress Review Article

How Does Body Weight Influence a Mattress' Support?

Properly positioning your back can ensure that you rest comfortably as well as painlessly. You should look for a mattress that provides spinal support without allowing your body to sink too deeply into it.

A mattress’ firmness as well as your body weight can affect your spinal column’s alignment. You might experience pain or discomfort if you sink too deeply into a mattress. Heavy sleepers usually need a more robust support group because their mattresses don’t compress as much as lighter ones. The softer mattresses enable lighter sleepers to relax comfortably and make the most of each layer.

When picking a bed, you should also consider your recommended resting position. Side sleepers may experience pressure points on their hips and shoulders if their mattress is also solid. A mattress that is too soft may cause the stomachs of stomach sleepers to penetrate the bed. There is usually a suppleness level in the middle of the mattress that effectively supports the lower back of back sleepers.

Which Mattress Firmness is Best for Lightweight Sleepers?

Many lightweight sleepers believe that the most important thing is to receive enough hugs. As a sleeper, you probably know what it feels like when your body hits the mattress. Having those sharp (or often unpleasant) pressure factors sure doesn’t feel good.

Getting the right mattress for a petite individual may not be as simple as giving a charitable hug. It is also important that the back is properly supported.

You can only get correct back support from a mattress that represents your sleeping style. We need different levels of support and nestling when we sleep in different places.

Therefore, it’s important to not only take into account your weight and preferences, but also your preferred sleeping position.

Here are some factors to consider:

Side Sleeper

The hips and shoulders must be adequately padded if you are a side sleeper. It is crucial that the comfort layers of your mattress are luxurious and permit your body to sink well into them. The best mattress for small side sleepers would score around 3 on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being the softest and also 10 being the firmest.

Back Sleeper

Lightweight back sleepers need more support, as well as a little less padding (just enough to allow their hips and buttocks sink into the mattress). Medium mattresses are advised for lightweight back sleepers, while little people need something softer (roughly a 5 on the suppleness scale).

Stomach Sleeper

The support needs to be stronger for those who sleep on their stomach. It is suggested that a mattress with a firmness rating of around 7 would certainly be suitable for this sleeping setting because it does not require sinkage.

Combination Sleeper

When sleeping on a combination mattress, you need to look for one that won’t restrict your movements; a medium rating might be a good choice for you in this case.

Choosing a Mattress for a Lightweight Sleeper

It may be difficult to find a good mattress for a person who is thin. The mattresses are advertised as providing “cloud-like comfort”. However, not all are suitable for petite individuals.

You need to consider more than just the level of comfort. If you want to find something that will benefit you, you need to consider the following factors:

The Cost of Mattress

Cost of mattresses varies widely. Buyers seeking the best deals should think about purchasing from an online retailer. Mattress in a box prices are typically lower since the mattress ships directly from the manufacturer. Many businesses offer substantial discounts during the holiday season.

Position of Sleep

Choose a firmness level based on your main resting position. Those who sleep on their sides prefer plush mattresses, while those who sleep on their stomachs prefer mattresses with raised assistance. Those who sleep on their backs prefer a mid-range firmness level. The incorrect assistance level may result in push accumulation and also neck and back pain.

Material Quality

Most mattress manufacturers use copyrighted materials, but check to see whether they will last. Consumer reviews usually indicate how long a material will last. In addition to determining the mattress’ longevity, professional mattress evaluations are also extremely beneficial.

Level of Firmness

It is important that the firmness level of a mattress is appropriate for the sleeper’s weight. Generally, this represents a mattress between a 3 and also 6 on a 1 to 10 suppleness range, which is softer than what people who weigh greater than 130 pounds favor.

Pressure Relief

It is possible for any sleeper to experience pressure points, however side and also lightweight sleepers are more likely to experience them. A mattress that doesn’t contour well can cause chronic pain underneath the larger parts of your body, such as the hips, shoulders, and back. Stress relief mattresses can relieve most of the pain.

Motion Isolation

When a mattress lacks substantial motion isolation, movement can travel throughout. A mattress that absorbs movement is far better than one that allows activity to transfer across the surface since couples are far less likely to be disturbed by motion.

Regulation of Temperature

It is less likely that heat will be retained in a mattress whose air freely circulates through the core. Warm sleepers can therefore sleep cooler. Furthermore, some mattresses include cooling features such as gel-infused foam or stage modification materials that wick away moisture and heat. It is often much better to control the temperature of hybrid as well as innerspring mattresses.

Edge Support

Those with difficulty getting in and out of bed as well as couples who prefer to utilize the entire mattress can benefit from edge support. A bed’s edge support can be increased significantly to enable people to sit or sleep on the edge of their mattress without it sagging.


Mattresses that use foam as part of the comfort system usually feature some level of contouring. When sleeping on a deep-contoured mattress, sleepers often feel like they’re in the mattress. Choose a mattress that offers less contouring if you intend to sleep on it.

Type of Mattress

Building and constructing mattresses is now more diverse than in the past. Sleepers have a variety of preferences and needs. Those who prioritize responsiveness and temperature guidelines may choose an innerspring or crossbreed. Consumers seeking optimum stress relief may choose foam or latex designs, while those who are looking for optimum personalization may choose airbeds.

Which Mattress Type is Best for Lightweight Sleepers?

A mattress with a certain style may share general qualities, but its exact needs may differ significantly. In this article, we’ll examine one of the most common mattress building and constructions as well as how they can benefit light sleepers.


Hybrid mattresses combine the best features of innerspring, foam, and latex mattresses. An innerspring mattress has a coil support core that is responsive as well as provides bounce.

In addition to coils, crossbreeds typically include comfort systems incorporating foam, latex, or wool. To produce a unique feeling and also to improve efficiency, hybrid manufacturers combine these materials. Moreover, they often sleep well because air circulates easily inside the core of the mattress.


Latex mattresses offer stress relief, but they are more responsive than foam mattresses. These mattresses tend not to catch heat, so they are ideal for hot sleepers. Likewise, latex is a great material for sleepers who wish to reduce stress accumulation, but not at the expense of their mattress’ durability. A latex mattress can be heavy as well as unwieldy, so you may need assistance moving it.


This is the method usually used in creating mattresses with numerous foam layers. Most commonly, memory foam as well as polyfoam are used, both of which can be made to offer various levels of support and cushioning. Foam mattresses typically eliminate pressure well, which is a plus for light sleepers.

Also, the foam soaks up movement well, making it an excellent choice for couples who want fewer disturbances from their partner’s movements. Mattresses without temperature guideline functions can be hotter than other types of mattresses since foam tends to trap heat.


A mattress’ support core is composed of coils that flex and press when weight is applied. Modern mattresses are designed to offer receptive support. In contrast to older models, modern innerspring mattresses are unlikely to be excessively noisy or to have springs sticking out of the core.

The coils of innerspring mattresses are usually covered by a layer to create a comfortable surface. As a barrier between your body and the mattress springs, products such as pillow-tops, foam, or woollen are useful.

Best Mattress for Lightweight Sleeper

Mattresses made for tiny sleepers aren’t always easy to find. Lightweight sleepers require different types of mattresses:

  • It is important to relieve stress from both the hips and shoulders
  • To maintain their backs aligned, they must obtain enough compression
  • It is also vital to consider other factors, such as whether they sleep warm

There are plenty of mattresses for lightweight people available on the market.

Below are a few of the most effective options that could be the best fit for you.

Mattresses on this list are designed to provide a high level of comfort as well as support for light sleepers regardless of their sleeping preferences or demands.

GhostBed Classic

Mattress Highlights:

  • Providing cradling and sinking comfort

  • Bounce foam that provides springy support

  • Firm core that helps support the body
Ghostbed Classic Mattress

Latex makes GhostBed more responsive than various other pressure-relieving mattresses. Those who experience back pain might also benefit from a bouncy surface. The latex and memory foam layers work together to support the back uniformly and relieve pressure points.

The mattress’ above-average temperature regulation is enhanced by gel and cooling technology as well. Regardless of their preferred sleep position, lightweight sleepers find the GhostBed to be equally comfortable.

GhostBed offers a 101-night sleep trial and a 20-year limited warranty. Customers in the United States receive free shipping.

AS3 Amerisleep

Mattress Highlights:

  • Comes with a 20-years warranty

  • Mattress is made of plant-based foam

  • Open-cell design for better air circulation.
As3 Amerisleep

AS3 by Amerisleep is also one of the best mattresses for lightweight sleepers. This mattress is made entirely of foam. As a result, the AS3 would gently cradle your body even if you aren’t heavy enough to sink in all the way. Even my partner appreciated the tight conforming provided by the Amerisleep.

It is not like other memory foam mattresses. They use their exclusive Bio-Pur foam in the AS3. It offers many advantages over traditional memory foam. The Bio-Pur foam, for example, has an open cell structure and is low in VOCs. AS3 mattresses are able to sleep cooler as a result. My propensity to sink in even more, however, never resulted in me sleeping warmer than usual on the Amerisleep AS3.

Saatva Classic

Mattress Highlights:

  • Lumbar support increases back pain relief

  • An innerspring surface is responsive

  • Euro-top comfort with a quilted surface
Saatva Classic Mattress

The Saatva Standard was very impressive during our internal testing because of its clever design. This mattress is responsive as well as offers above-average motion isolation with its innersprings, coils, and memory foam. The air flows easily through the mattress core, keeping warm sleepers cool.

There are three suppleness levels to select from, so lightweight sleepers of any body type should have the ability to find a model that fits. The soft feeling is recommended for side sleepers, while back sleepers and stomach sleepers should pick the medium firm option. Lightweight sleepers, however, might not be able to compress the company’s layers due to their weight.

Saatva offers free White Glove delivery to consumers in the United States. Participants in the 180-night sleep trial will be charged $99 for returning the mattress. The Classic is covered by a 15-year limited warranty.

Puffy Mattress

Mattress Highlights:

  • Designed for instant pressure relief

  • Easy-to-clean stain-resistant cover

  • Good motion isolation for uninterrupted partner sleep
Puffy Mattress

The overall feel of the Puffy makes it among the best mattresses for light individuals. There is no need to be a big sleeper to enjoy a decent hug since it is supportive, calming, and heavenly comfortable.

Puffy’s layers are well-balanced and also supply support and also pressure relief. For those who are thin, the top layer is rather luxurious and allows a lot of sinkage. You won’t feel like your bones are pressing against the surface of this mattress. Puffy’s 2-inch Climate Comfort layer (which likewise controls temperature) ensures that you will not feel stuck in the bed mattress.

Nectar Mattress

Mattress Highlights:

  • All-foam construction to reduce tension

  • Long-term trial to ensure satisfaction

  • Minimal bounce to ensure undisturbed sleep
nectar mattress

Lightweight sleepers who sleep on their backs do not necessarily need a luxurious mattress. That is why the Nectar is a great choice. The mattress can provide just the right amount of support for small back sleepers without causing sharp pressure points. The cushion has a medium feel and also can offer appropriate assistance for the hips and the buttocks. In addition, the Nectar provides durable back support. The mattress was perfectly balanced, which made it ideal for people who sleep on their backs.

Additionally, the Nectar has the slow-moving sensation of memory foam. It does not transfer motion. That’s good information for petite sleepers who share a bed with a larger companion. As the bigger individual moves, the Nectar mattress absorbs the shock and also the opposite side remains undamaged.

Vaya Mattress

Mattress Highlights:

  • An open-cell foam design prevents overheating

  • Close conforming to relieve tension quickly

  • 100-night risk-free trial available
Vaya Mattress

The good news is that a great mattress for tiny sleepers will not cost a lot if you are one of those customers who do not require a lot of bells and whistles. A mattress could be the ideal solution in this situation. Even with its great price, this foam model is extremely comfortable. The Vaya mattress is a top choice for small sleepers because it is gentle on pressure points and helps spread stress evenly. As a result, it can provide near-instant relief.

Vaya’s strengths do not end there, however. It is also motion-isolating. Since I am a lightweight sleeper, my other half sometimes feels it when I change beds at night. My tests of the Vaya mattress did not disturb her at all.


Sleeping on your back is the best sleep position for preserving a healthy spine. It applies to all types of bodies. When you sleep on your back, your spine is in the very best position to maintain a neutral position.

Those who weigh less than 130 pounds are commonly considered lightweights.

What you do is reflected in your choices. If you sleep with a partner, you may want a larger mattress so that you can stretch out a bit more and also stop the motion from their side of the bed. For a single person, a full mattress should be sufficient. It’s a great choice for those who love to sprawl out while they sleep because a Queen bed gives you plenty of space to move around.

In essence, yes. It seems as if a mattress is also soft and unsupportive when you are much heavier. If you are thin, a mattress may appear too rigid since your body weight might not be enough to press the comfort layers.

This is possible when you select a firmness level appropriate for your preferred sleeping position. Lightweight individuals in need of more cushioning might prefer memory foam mattresses, which carefully hug their bodies and also permit a great deal of sinkage.

When you sleep, think about what position you prefer. Side sleepers should select softer mattresses, small back sleepers should select medium or soft-to-medium mattresses, and stomach sleepers should select solid mattresses.

No, not necessarily. Mattresses at the top are taller due to their thicker base. If you want extra cushioning, you might consider a Eurotop or a pillowtop mattress.

Final Thoughts

Everybody deserves to feel comfortable, especially when sleeping.

It is no longer necessary for petite individuals to add additional layers or toppers to their mattresses to receive a little bit more support.

There are currently many excellent mattresses available for people who are petite. Make sure you consider your favorite resting position when choosing one. Ask the maker about the warranty and what materials it is made from. Determine the optimal mattress size based on its dimensions.

For my part, I already know which mattress I would like to sleep on every night. Can you guess which one? That’s right, the Saatva. The Saatva offers more than just comfort. Moreover, it uses different levels of suppleness to appeal to petite sleepers with varying preferences. The Saatva mattress also incorporates covered coils for targeted support and rapid relaxation. A luxurious pillowtop hugs your body gently and also makes you feel as though you are sleeping on a cloud. This is the ideal situation for me.